Does Weed Have Nicotine?: Know the Facts

Cannabis has been considered with the likes of tobacco because they are both consumed through smoking. And that begs the question of whether or not cannabis also has nicotine. 

The answer is no, unless combined with tobacco in a “spliff” or a “blunt.” Pure cannabis is nicotine-free if it is just the Cannabis sativa plant alone. However, smoking can still have adverse effects on your health.

This article how this affects your health and how you can still get benefits without overexposing yourself to harmful substances.

What is Nicotine?

Nicotine is a type of alkaloid that is found in plants all over the world. It is found in tobacco as well, which is smoked. Nicotine is also found in other plants like potatoes, peppers, raisins, plums, and pineapples. 

It has been proven that nicotine plays a role in the processes that turn sugar into a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which is responsible for the pleasure sensation of using drugs. 

Like smoking cannabis, in order to enjoy the “high” you need to burn it and inhale the smoke to absorb the active ingredients into your bloodstream.

Does Weed Have Nicotine?

The main compounds in cannabis are cannabinoids such as the psychotropic THC and the non-psychotropic CBD. Nicotine is a chemical used by the human body to regulate the neurological functioning of the brain. 

When you smoke cannabis, the same process of neuro-regulation that you experience when you smoke cigarettes is activated. 

Cannabis flower in its purest form should not have any nicotine in it and therefore, there is less risk for nicotine addiction. However, inhaling smoke, in general, is carcinogenic and can damage the lungs.

Cigarettes and joints are not the only mode of consumption. The body processes cannabis by getting a high from its cannabinoids and smoke is not necessary to produce the effects. 

Smoking is just a more immediate delivery method. By entering the lungs, it has direct access to your circulatory system. For the same effect, you can ingest marijuana orally or inhale it.

Is it Dangerous to Consume Cannabis and Nicotine Together?

Dr. Troy Dayton, CEO of cannabis education group Arcview Group recently addressed the topic of combining marijuana and tobacco in the same way. He said that it is an issue because both tobacco and cannabis are addictive, and trying to eliminate both could have negative consequences for people. “It’s extremely difficult to self-moderate or self-titrate for THC or CBD, so if you take it in combination, you may go from being totally sober and high to full on hyper-sensitivity, or less active, or sometimes it’s just all you can think about,” Dayton told the Boston Globe. 

How Can I Verify Cannabis Does Not Have Nicotine?

Poorly sourced cannabis from irreputable vendors are more difficult to breakdown by ingredient. From an unlicensed grower or seller, it is impossible to gauge the nicotine content in any given weed based on the physical characteristics and packaging. 

It is important to only purchase weed from licensed dispensaries and producers to ensure you are consuming what is labelled in a tested batch of cannabis.


Cannabis is an incredibly useful natural substance, but there are still lots of myths and misconceptions about it, so it’s important to do your research before taking anything. 

Our guide contains all of the facts you need to know, and will make it much easier to figure out the safest and healthiest ways to use cannabis.