Why Does Cannabis Have THC: Everything You Need To Know

​​ ​​It is important to know why cannabis has thc. We all know cannabis has a lot of medical benefits. Cannabis has also been proven to ease symptoms of many medical conditions and it can help stimulate appetite. But, if you don’t know the science behind thc, then you may not be getting the most out of this plant. Here’s a list of the reasons cannabis has thc. ​Why does cannabis have thc? ​​1) To Make you High: This is the scientific reason cannabis has THC. 2) To Protect your brain: This is the reason why cannabis has CBD. 3)…

When Was Weed Found: The History of Cannabis, from Ancient Times to Today

Cannabis is a plant with many uses. It’s used for its psychoactive properties, but it can also be used to cure many diseases and disorders. In ancient times it was used as a medicinal plant by native people. Back then this strain of cannabis was known as ganja or Indian hemp. Cannabis has been used throughout history by various cultures across the globe. But why did cannabis become illegal in the first place? And when was weed found ? The History of Cannabis When did cannabis become illegal? When was weed found ? Ancient history We know that cannabis has…

What Plant Does Cannabis Come From? The Correct Answer Will Surprise You

Cannabis is a plant that’s grown worldwide. It can be used for medicinal purposes, but it’s also illegal in most countries. The cannabis plant is often smoked or eaten. It has THC in it, and this chemical causes a “high”. Many people use cannabis to treat pain and other health issues. It may have an effect on your body, even though you may not think so at first. Here are some facts about the plant and its effects. What Plant Does Cannabis Come From? The cannabis plant is called cannabis sativa. This is the scientific name for the cannabis plant.…

What is LSD? An Overview of the Popular Psychedelic

LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide also known colloquially as acid) is a psychedelic drug and a Schedule I Controlled Substance. Street names include Back breaker, Pane Superman Windowpane Zen, Battery acid, Doses, Dots, Elvis, Loony toons and as made famous by the Beatles Lucy in the sky with Diamonds. While at low doses effects typically include intensified thoughts, emotions, and sensory perception, at higher dosages LSD manifests primarily visual, as well as auditory, hallucinations There is a significant different between lower and higher dosages, especially in terms of how intense of an experience someone has. Double the dose is often more than twice as strong.  Physical symptoms can…

What Does Weed Have In It? A Complete Guide to Cannabis

Weed has a lot of benefits. It is safe and nonaddictive. Some people take it for medical purposes. The legalization of marijuana will help in increasing its use among the people. The cannabis plant contains many other substances like CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, THCa etc., which are beneficial to the human body. One can find different strains of cannabis having unique properties which depends on how they are grown and how they are cured. What is weed? Weed is a plant consisting of mainly two types of plant parts: the flowers and the seeds. The first plant part, the cannabis,…

What Does It Feel Like to Be High? – The Science of Being High

The feeling of being high is a mysterious phenomenon. It’s not known for certain what causes it, but the effects are real and there have been many instances where it has affected people’s lives. What Happens to Your Brain During‘High’ Your brain is working harder than usual when you’re high. Brain scans have shown that it’s actually using up a greater amount of glucose, which causes you to feel ‘wired’. During the process, it is also releasing a hormone called Dopamine which is responsible for making you feel ‘happy’. This is because Dopamine improves memory and problem solving. But there’s…

How Can You Take Cannabis?

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that it was made illegal. Although cannabis is considered the “Gateway Drug,” research shows that many people…

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